Add Text to Image

Add text to Images, Video, and Gifs. Drag and Drop your text, choose from font styles, size, and color adjust your position and click "Complete" for your final product.

Create a new project

You need to create a new project and name it.

Add Text to Image online

Upload your content

Now upload your image directly to your new project.

Add Text to Image online

Click “Edit”

Once you have uploaded your image that you want to write text on, hover over and click the “Edit” button.

Add Text to Image online

Add Text

Click the text icon on the top left column, Drag and drop the heading on top of your image. Set your desired position by dragging and dropping it and you can easily change your font option. From size, style, color, spacing and more.

Add Text to Image online

Choose your Font style

Simply scroll through your fonts find the perfect font that fits your needs.

Add Text to Image online

Customize your text’s color

Set the tone of your video, Select the text holder to customize the color of your font you can even use your own color code. This will give your text that a sizzling look.

Add Text to Image online

Adjust your font

There are all kinds of ways to make your text stand out in the video. Select the text holder and click on Spacing to customize “Line Height” and “Character Spacing” of your fonts.  

Add Text to Image online

Click Complete

Once you are done just hit “Complete” in the top right corner. And your masterpiece is done.

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