How to add Gifs to your Instagram stories

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Nov 8, 2018
Timur Daudpota
  1. We will be covering how easy it is to add Gifs using your Instagram app.
  2. How you can get carried away with Gif with Blurbiz.

Open Instagram
Open your Instagram app and click stories your “Profile Picture” once you are in the stories, take any picture you want, I cover the camera with my hand and took a completely black picture.


Click on stickers

Once you have taken the picture, click On the top left corner and click on the sticker icon.


Click the search bar

A search bar will pop-up and below it will show all the (Gifs and Stickers) you can use. All you have to do is just click on the search bar.


Find the Gifs

Once you have clicked on the search bar, you will see all the Recent Gifs that are Trending on GIPHY.


You can scroll and find the Gifs you want to use or use the search bar to search for all the GIfs sticker you want to use.


Select the gif you like scale desired height and you are done.


See how I change the background color of my Instagram story.

How to add custom Gif using Blurbiz.

First thing, first!

Download your GIF

1. Go to

2. Search for the GIF that you want to use for your Instagram story.


 3. Click on the GIF that you want to use and save it as an image, on to your computer.


How to get Gif stickers with a transparent background

Most people don’t know this but you can get gif stickers with a transparent background. Once you are on Gifpy click the stickers on the top column.  


Search For Stickers

Once you are on the sticker page, you can scroll or search for what you are looking for.


Save the Sticker

Click on the sticker that you want to use and save it as an image, on to your computer.


Create an account
1. Go to
2. Hit “Sign Up
3. If you already have an account just Log in

Create a new project
1. Click the Create Project button on top
2. Name your project and click Create


Import GIF to Blurbiz
1. You can Drag and Drop your video or hover or Add Media Files button and click computer.
2. Find the files that you just downloaded and upload them to your new project.


Editing Content

This is where all the magic happens ✨.

1. Once your Gif is uploaded, hover over and click the Edit button or you can also click the Edit button right next to Add Media Files.


Resize and Crop

Click the Reposition button on the top column, scale up or down to find your desired position.


Upload your sticker

Click on the upload the left column select the sticker you want to use, drag-and-drop the sticker on top of the Gif and scale to size.


Hit Complete

Once done click complete your video will start to render, give is sometimes it might take a few mins.


Now Download

Click Download button and your video will download in mp4 format.


Here is the final copy.

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Timur Daudpota

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